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Bapuji International School
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S.R. Patil Education Foundation

Bapuji International School has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception in 2010. Peacefully nestled at Badagandi village, in Bilagi tq, it is attracting the lovers of education, parents , academicians towards it. It is not just the majestic building that beckons the onlookers but the quality of education that the institution imparts makes this much sought after. Inspired by the PURA concept of Dr. Abdul Kalam, the institution is striving hard to make quality education accessible to students that come from rural background.

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Our Objective

  • To provide for value based , meaningful and productive education
  • To offer traditional, professional and employment oriented regular courses with add on cources that will equip the youngsters for effective and fruitful personal and professional lives
  • To provide for on-going traning research and documantation at the service for knowledge and life enhancement, and community and nation building.
  • To creat a scientific temper, research rigour, holistic vision and leadership skills at the service of building a better society.

Physical Infrastructure

The Bapuji International School is situated by the side of National Highway No 218, between Bijapur and Bagalkot, about 2 kms away from Bilgi. It is well connected by road, easily accessiible. Situated in a Screne and pecturesque campus, The Bapuji International School enjoys a refreshing atmosphere Pursuit and professional traning.

The campus comprises of a school building (36576 Sq.ft.). students hostels(103878 sq. Ft.). a dining hall with state of the art kitchen (14896 Sq. Ft.). meditition hall(8718sq. Ft.), a swimming pool & indoor sports complex(10877 sq.ft.), play ground( 4 acres) , all of which are architecturally designed for the benifit of students.