Shri M. N. PATIL

I treat  this opportunity of addressing the galaxy of scholarly people and more especially the student community as a matter of great honour because, I am representing an educational institution- S.R.Patil  Education Foundation – a long cherished and founded by S.R.Patil –a staunch believer in the principals  of M.K. Gandhi and follower of  Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam.

It was a dream of Dr.A.P.J  Abdul Kalam that he wanted  rural areas to develop to the extent of making ‘big cities’ turn to villages for educational facility. This dream of Dr. A.P.J Abdul  Kalam is achieved and realised here by hard and sincere efforts of  Shri S. R. Patil who finds his utmost of pleasure and satisfaction in serving  the mankind and providing education facility which he cherished since his early days.

We are already known and recognised in this northern part of Karnataka for our deep concern and individual care for every student.

Enormous campus, separate hostel for boys and girls, delicious food, well facilitated and scientifically designed class rooms, security and care more especially for girl- students are our additional facilities. Scientifically designed class rooms, rich library, well equipped laboratories; well experienced teaching staff are our main features.

To brief the account, I simply promise you that here at S.R.P.E.F   you have all that what you may not get in schools and colleges in metropolitan cities like Bangalore, Mysore etc.

Our doors are open for those who have hunger for education and want to achieve.