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Bapuji International School has grown by leaps and bounds since its inception in 2010. Peacefully nestled at Badagandi village, in Bilagi tq, it is attracting the lovers of education, parents , academicians towards it. It is not just the majestic building that beckons the onlookers but the quality of education that the institution imparts makes this much sought after. Inspired by the PURA concept of Dr. Abdul Kalam, the institution is striving hard to make quality education accessible to students that come from rural background.

What sets BIS apart from other institutions is its endeavour to make the school a center of excellence and not just a centre of learning. There is no dearth of schools that aim at only academic excellence. But how many schools really think that the children need to be equipped with 21st century skills ? Should the schools only produce students that are in the rat race ? Who has to take care of their emotional and spiritual component ? What is value based education, what is the best way to inculcate values ? To answer all these, the school comes out with creative Teaching Module under which the lessons, concepts are taught in such a way that they cater to the needs of all the components essential for the holistic development of the child.

The children should not be merely rote learners. Education should merely not aim at knowledge but skills. The shift is from knowledge to skills to empower the students to face the challenges of the 21 st century.

We proudly mention that BIS is engaged in the task of preparing those kinds of students that have the brain of Einstein and heart of Buddha.


The motto of an institution captures the essence of the mission and vision of the institution, and presents the recipients of its mission with an inspirational versions-pharase to focus their creative energies on. The crest present the same in symbols, which elaborates the ethos, status and purpose of the institution. Arive guru is the moto of bapuji independent Pri-University college, which sums up the direction of the creative energies of the college.

The college is ever commited to continious and refreshing efforts to constantly renew itself and strive for the creation of a civilization of love. It is the culmination of the principals of gandhi, 20th century visionary, whole philosophy is work is worship. Our beloved chairman lives by these principals, blanded together and it is his vision to build an institution with these ideals in mind. The image of kudala sangama, signifies our faith in basava pholosophy and the image of gandhi signifies that we would like Walk the gandhi way.

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