About Management of 'BIS'

The main goal of “Bapuji International School” is not only to educate student in academics but also make the school atmosphere more than a place of education”

Teaching—learning methods adopted by the faculty members of “Bapuji International School” include Lecture Method, Interactive Method, Project-based Learning, Computer-assisted Learning, Experiential Learning etc. The Teaching—learning activities are made effective through illustration and special lectures. To acquire firsthand knowledge on the subjects and current practices students are engaged in field study. Lessons are taught through Power point presentations to make learning interesting besides oral presenting methods.


The lecture method which is also conventional method is commonly adopted by all the teachers, especially language teachers. This method facilitates the teacher to interpret, explain and revise the content of a text only for better understanding of the subject by the learners. The faculty members make learning interactive with students by motivating student participation in group discussion, role-play, subject quiz, news analysis, educational games, discussion and questions and answers on current affairs.